Archaeological Overview

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Archaeological phases Dating (Pre-)Historical context
Golasecca II A beginning 6th cent. BC - 525 Golasecca Culture
Golasecca II B 525 - 480/75 "
Golasecca III A 1 480/75 - 450/440 "
Latène A = Golasecca III A 2-3 450 - 375 Gaulish Invasion into the Po valley (ca. 400 BC)
Latène B 375 - first half of 3rd cent. BC "
Latène C 1 second half of 3rd cent. BC "
Latène C 2 2nd cent. BC Roman conquest of the gaulish tribes in Italy (since 225/191)
Latène D end of 2nd cent. BC - 1st cent. BC "

slightly simplified table from Uhlich 2007: 381, cp. Uhlich 1999: 292 f.

Archaeological evidence

Broader archaeological context: synopsis of archaeological phases in different regions

The Golasecca Culture

This list is not a comprehensive collection of relevant literature. It is a first result of the research work in progress.

Lepontic, Lepontii and Golasecca Culture

Map of inscribed objects from the Golasecca necropolis:

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