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Reading in transliteration: p̣u
Reading in original script: U sP s

Object: MI·20 Milano (beaker)
Position: foot, outside
Direction of writing: sinistroverse
Script: North Italic script (Lepontic alphabet)
Letter height: 1.2–1.6 cm0.472 in <br />0.63 in <br />
Number of letters: 2
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched after firing
Condition: damaged

Archaeological culture: La Tène B 1 [from object]
Date of inscription: second half of 4th c. BC [from object]

Type: unknown
Language: perhaps Celtic
Meaning: abbreviation (?)

Alternative sigla: none

Sources: Casini & Motta 2011: 460


First published in Casini & Motta 2011: 460, no. 2.

Images in Casini & Motta 2011: 461, fig. 1.2 (drawing and photo).

Two letters inscribed along the outer rim of the foot of the beaker, upper ends pointing outward. Upsilon is complete, the letter to its right is damaged on top, but cannot be anything other than pi. As said by Casini & Motta, the inscription seems to be complete, as the lower ends of any other letters before pi ought to be visible on the fragment. pu may be an abbreviated personal name; see the word page for details.

Corinna Salomon


Casini & Motta 2011 Stefania Casini, Filippo Motta, "Alcune iscrizioni preromane inedite da Milano", Notizie Archeologiche Bergomensi 19 (2011), 459–469.