PV·1 Garlasco

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Classification: bottle
Archaeological Type: fiasca a trottola

Material: pottery
Size: diam. 10.5–11.5 cm, height 4.5 cm (of fragment)
Condition: fragmentary

Archaeological culture: unknown
Date: late 2nd c. BC

Site: Garlasco (Pavia, Lombardia, Italy)
Field name: Madonna delle Bozzole
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 12' 54.78" N, 8° 56' 7.07" E
Find date: late 1940s
Current location: Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per le province di Como, Lecco, Monza-Brianza, Pavia, Sondrio e Varese (Milano)

Inscription: PV·1 (esopnos kepi)

Alternative sigla: Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 32
RIG: E-4
Solinas 1995: 110
Morandi 2004: 101

Sources: Morandi 2004: 591 no. 101


Image in Pellegrini 1963: 302, fig. 1 (photo).

Upper part (shoulder and mouth) of a vaso a trottola found among other ceramic vessels, probably from a necropolis, at Madonna delle Bozzole, about ten years before the first mention in Strada 1958: 171. Measurements from Pellegrini 1963: 302; dating from Morandi (Pellegrini gives the second half of the 2nd century BC, based on nothing much really; Lejeune RIG II: 40 says that the associated coins were produced until the mid-1st century BC).

Corinna Salomon