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Remarks on any statistical information.


  • There are some major restrictons of any statistical calculation on this page sytem. No statistics can be better than the data it is based on. Additionally, calculations had to be performed with the means available (i.e. the data structure and the installed extensions). Any statistical data presented within this page system has to be seen within this frame.
  • Since we do not know how MediaWiki works in detail, we can not guarantee that any information given here is always complete and accurate. Changes may take a while to affect all pages within the system, so statistics may not always be up to date.
  • It is not useful to break down statistical analysis into smaller sections than the accuracy or error range. For instance, the dating of many inscriptions and objects can not be determined more exactly than one or even two centuries. Therefore, any statistical analysis of the Property:sortdate that is more detailed than about 150 years will only show how the values for this property have been calculated, and not the actual date of inscriptions or objects.
  • Some statistics turned out to be too complex to be performed live. They are rather time-consuming, report an error, reach a software limit, or had to be omitted for some other reason.

Pages containing Statistical Information

Simple statistics can be found on many pages, – mostly simple occurences per value. The following pages provide lists of pages containing statistical information of any kind: