Tibiletti Bruno 1969c

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Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno, "Il testo di Vergiate", Archivio Glottologico Italiano 54 (1969), 182-191.

Author/Editor: Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno
Type: palaeographical study
Language: Italian
Used for: 5 pages (show list)


Edition with photography and drawing, reading and linguistic comment of the inscription of Vergiate (VA·6); amongst other things, the hypothesis in Tibiletti Bruno 1967 is taken up again: the funeral formula and the monumental complex correspond to those of the Scandinavic runic inscriptions. The author also lists the transliterations of the inscription given in Lattes 1914, Rhŷs 1914, Giussani 1914 and Whatmough 1933 (with an alternative suggestion by Conway on p. 630).