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Attestation: NM·9 (anatikou) (1)
Status: unlikely
Language: prob. Celtic
Word Type: prob. proper noun
Semantic Field: prob. personal name

Grammatical Categories: nom. sg.
Stem Class: ā

Morphemic Analysis: an (?)
Phonemic Analysis: /anā/ or /annā/ (?)
Meaning: 'Ana' (?)


Segmentation uncertain, see the inscription page.

If the sequence is a separate word, as assumed by Lejeune 1971: 128 f., it may be an ā-stem personal name with base an- (cf. ana in Pannonia, Meid 2005: 217), or an abbreviation (cf. anareuiśeos, anarekartos, anask). Lejeune himself suggests that ana is an abbreviated ethnonym, since he does not expect two personal names on the same coin, but has no comparanda to offer.

Corinna Salomon