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Attestation: BG·41.22 (ześu:isti neisu:k[), BG·41.30 (tiześu), BG·41.5 (ześu:poininos:kopenatis:tonoiso) (3)
Language: Celtic
Word Type: unclear

Grammatical Categories:

Morphemic Analysis: unknown
Phonemic Analysis: unknown
Meaning: unknown


The form is unclear. It may be analysed either as a masculine on-stem individual name in the nominative ześū, or a 3rd sg. perf. verb in (cf. Motta in Casini et al. 2008: 97 and Casini et al. 2014: 201). The etymology of the base depends on the uncertain sound values of zeta and san – if zeta is used for d according to Este orthography and san denotes lenited ð, ześū could represent a effort to write dedū phonetically. Cf. maybe possible zezeve /dedeu̯e/ at Raetic Magrè.


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Casini et al. 2014 Stefania Casini, Angelo E. Fossati, Filippo Motta, "Nuove iscrizioni in alfabeto di Lugano sul masso Camisana 1 di Carona (Bergamo)", Notizie Archeologiche Bergomensi 22 (2014), 179–203.