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Andenmatten & Paccolat 2012 p79 fig3.jpgphoto
Andenmatten & Paccolat 2012 p91 fig19.jpgphoto
Arslan 2000 v54 01.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v54 03.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v56 01.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v58 06.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v58 07.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v59 12.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v59 15.pngphoto
Arslan 2000 v59 16.pngphoto
BE·1 Münsingen copy photo.pngphoto
BE·1 Münsingen photo.pngphoto
BE·1 photo1.pngphoto
BE·1 photo2.pngphoto
BE·1 photo3.pngphoto
BG·18 Parre photo Morandi.pngphoto
BG·1 Bergamo photo Solinas.jpgphoto
BG·20 photo Morandi.pngphoto
BG·21 Verdello photo Solinas.jpgphoto
BG·23 photo Morandi.pngphoto
BG·40 Caravaggio photo1.pngphoto
BG·40 Caravaggio photo2.pngphoto
BG·40 photo.JPGphoto
Bowl TI·6 Giubiasco photo2.jpgphoto
Brenot 1998 24 01.pngphoto
Brenot 1998 24 03.pngphoto
Brenot 1998 24 05.pngphoto
Brenot 1998 24 06.pngphoto
Brenot 1998 24 10.pngphoto
Brenot 1998 24 11.pngphoto
Brenot 1998 24 12.pngphoto
Castelfranco 215.JPGphoto
Castelfranco 216.JPGphoto
Castelfranco 217.pngphoto
Castelfranco 218.pngphoto
Castelfranco 220.JPGphoto
Castelfranco 221.pngphoto
Castelfranco 222.pngphoto
Collezione Castelfranco photo1.pngphoto
Collezione Castelfranco photo2.pngphoto
De Giuli 1978-9 248 fig3.pngphoto
De Giuli 1978-9 249 fig4.pngphoto
Gambari&Colonna 1988 pl44a.jpgphoto
Gambari&Colonna 1988 pl49.jpgphoto
Giani 1.pngphoto
Giani 2.pngphoto
Giani beakers.pngphoto
GR·1 Mesocco Foto1.JPGphoto
GR·2 Foto1.JPGphoto
GR·2 Präz Description.jpgphoto