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akiui'to/for Akios'Lepontic
)aniuifor ...Lepontic
aui"to A(u̯)os"Lepontic
broχθui'of Brogduos' or 'for Brogdos'Celtic
klanalui'to the son of Klan(os?)'Lepontic
kuimitrui"to (the son of?) Kuimitros"Lepontic
kulopoui"to Kulopos"Celtic
latumaruito LatumarosLepontic
maeśilalui'for the son of Maeśil(i)os'Lepontic
mationalui'to the son of Matiu'Celtic
metalui'for the son of Metos'Celtic
metelui'to/for Metelos'Lepontic
minui'to/for Minos'Celtic
)nialui'for the son of ...'Lepontic
pelkui'for Pelkos'Lepontic
piuotialui'for the son of Piuotios'Lepontic
pruiam'grave' (?)Lepontic
)rkomui"for (...)komos"Lepontic
tekialui'to the son of Tekios'Lepontic
terialui'for the son of Derios'Lepontic
teromui"to Deromos"Lepontic
tisiui'for Tisios'Lepontic
otiuifor (the son of) Otios?Lepontic