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This page does not exist. The deletion, protection, and move log for the page are provided below for reference.

  • 15:59, 24 August 2023 Corinna Salomon talk contribs deleted page ieikr (content was: "{{word |status=dubious |type_word=proper noun |stem_class=? |number=indeterminable |language=Lepontic |analysis_morphemic=unknown |analysis_phonemic={{p|e}}{{p|k}}{{p|r}} |meaning=abbreviation of a name "Ekr..." |checklevel=3 |problem=analysis, commentary }} ==Commentary== The two ''i'''s in this transcription are probably punctuation marks as in Veneti...", and the only contributor was "Michela Vignoli" (talk))

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Word Description

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  • All words that are to be displayed in the same paradigm must contain the same value for this property.
  • The actual name used for a paradigm does not matter as long as it is unique, but the will probably be the most transparent name for a nominal paradigm.
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General Grammatical Categories

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Grammatical Analysis

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Meaning: *
Semantic Field:

Problems and Commentary

Checklevel: * 5-fast-alles/4-vieles/3-einiges/2-wenig/1-fast-nichts/0-nichts zu korrigieren, 10-dringend
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