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Word Description

Paradigm name:
  • All words that are to be displayed in the same paradigm must contain the same value for this property.
  • The actual name used for a paradigm does not matter as long as it is unique, but the will probably be the most transparent name for a nominal paradigm.
Status: Leave blank when the form is attested and the status is certain.
Sortform: Leave blank to add a sortform automatically.

General Grammatical Categories

Word Type:
Stem Class:

Nominal Grammatical Categories


Verbal Grammatical Categories


Grammatical Analysis

Language: *
Language certainty: Leave blank if certain.
Adapted to:
Morphemic Analysis: Use Template:m, e.g. {{m|-al}}
Phonemic Analysis: Use Template:p, e.g. {{p|a}}
From PIE:
From Pre-Celtic:
From Proto-Celtic:
Meaning: *
Semantic Field:

Problems and Commentary

Checklevel: * 5-fast-alles/4-vieles/3-einiges/2-wenig/1-fast-nichts/0-nichts zu korrigieren, 10-dringend
in keywords or as short phrases, separated by ","
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