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Alternative Names: Erdèl

Postal Code: I-24049
Province: Bergamo
Region: Lombardia
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 45° 36' 20.87" N, 9° 37' 48.00" E
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Field names: Campo Mantuì, Campo sportivo, Colabiolo, Via Galileo Galilei
Objects: BG·21 Verdello (cup), BG·22 Verdello (bowl), BG·29 Verdello (cup), BG·30 Verdello (bowl), BG·31 Verdello (cup), BG·32 Verdello (bowl), BG·33 Verdello (pitcher), BG·34 Verdello (cup), BG·35 Verdello (cup), BG·36 Verdello (cup), BG·37 Verdello (plate), BG·38 Verdello (cup), BG·39 Verdello (pot)


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