Campo Mantuì

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Field name
Site: Verdello [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 36' 25.46" N, 9° 37' 52.67" E [from first object]
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Single late La Tène cist grave made of bricks (ca. 1 x 0.3 m, probably cremation) found in 1957 during building work at 0.8 cm beneath the surface near Via Galileo Galilei/Via Garibaldi. See Poggiani Keller 2003b for a list of the preserved grave goods. The tomb is part of the Verdello necropolis, which has not been excavated in its entirety, but is known through a considerable number of old findings (Casini 2003: 78 f.), individual chance finds (see also the find site Campo sportivo), and partial digs (see the find site Colabiolo). Considered together, the necropolis can be seen to date between the 2nd c. BC and the beginning of the 1st c. AD (Fortunati 2007: 591); old findings dated to Golasecca II A/B–III A1 (mid-6th–first half of 5th c. BC) indicate an older necropolis situated in the same area or in the immediate vicinity (Casini 2003: 79).

Corinna Salomon