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Lexicon Leponticum

A digital edition and etymological dictionary of Cisalpine Celtic
Lexicon Leponticum is a digital edition of Cisalpine Celtic inscriptions and an etymological dictionary of the language remains documented in them. The site hosts a multimedia lexicon of Lepontic and Cisalpine Gaulish, the two Celtic languages spoken in the first millennium BC in northern Italy and in southern Switzerland. It also includes an edition of all objects bearing Lepontic and Cisalpine Gaulish inscriptions, and an etymological dictionary of the attested words.

Recent additions to LexLep:

BR·1 ]ọiśa?[ (Marseille)
BI·8 sipiu koil???ios (Cerrione)
NO·30 piraki (Dormelletto)
MI·26 plios (Milano)
BG·49 piuo (Caravaggio)
MI·25 ?ei (Milano)
MI·24 kituaretos? (Milano)
MI·23 akplu (Milano)
MI·22 ạṛḳị (Milano)
... more

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FWF – Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung
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The Celtic Research Trust
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