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Search for inscriptions with specific properties


  • Generally, all rules for values in inline searches apply, i.e. the operators "!" (not), "<" (less than) and ">" (greater than) can be used.
  • For reasons unknown, the operators "~" (like) for instring searches and "||" for disjunctions do not work.
  • Subqueries can be entered using the tag "<q>"; – e.g. "<q>[[site::Como]]</q>" in the field "object" for all inscriptions on any object from Como.

Inscription Description

Proper name:
Word: e.g. "χosioiso"
Direction of writing:
Min. letter height: e.g. "11.5 cm"
Max. letter height: e.g. "12.2 cm"
Min. number of letters:
Max. number of letters:
Number of words:
Number of lines:
Meaning (Translation):

Inscription Circumstances

Left frame:
Middle frame:
Right frame:
Current condition:

Inscription Date

Archaeological Culture:
Date in Sortform: e.g. "-300", "<-400"
Date in Display Format:
Date derived from:

Alternative Inscription Sigla

Whatmough 1933 (PID): e.g. "190", "207 a"
Tibiletti Bruno 1981: e.g. "7", "32 a"
Solinas 1994: e.g. "SLO-10", "94 c"
Motta 2000: e.g. "21", "8 a", "15 1"
Morandi 2004: e.g. "207", "43 b", "170 A"