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Postal Code: CH-6934
Canton: Ticino
Country: Switzerland
Coordinates: 46° 1' 0.00" N, 8° 53' 59.99" E
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Objects: TI·43 Bioggio (stela), TI·44 Bioggio (stela), TI·45 Bioggio (stela)
Museums: Casa comunale (Bioggio), Sito musealizzato sagrato San Maurizio (Bioggio)


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Ancient structures in Bioggio on the north-western tip of Lago Maggiore were excavated during the 1990ies in the area around the church San Maurizio. In 1992, a public workshop building (mid-2nd–6th/7th c. AD) was excavated some 40 m west of the modern church. In 1996 and 1998, a Roman temple to Jupiter (mid-2nd–early 3rd c. AD) was excavated ca. 40 m to the north; it included two ditches with sacrificial remains as well as a marble altar with a votive inscription to Jupiter. The latter may feature, apparently as an additional epithet to Iupiter Optimus Maximus, the name of a Celtic deity Nennicos (line 2 NEṆ-[). The church San Maurizio itself, originally situated on the current building's south-eastern side (now the subterrenean Sito musealizzato sagrato San Maurizio), where one on the Lepontic inscribed stelae was found in secondary context, dates back to the 5th–6th c. AD. The finding of the three stelae indicates the existence of a pre-Roman settlement with at least partly Celtic population and corresponding necropolis in the area (though the stelae may have been carried to the plain from a higher site by the Vedeggio). See Dell'Era 2022: 175–184 in detail especially on the Roman inscription.


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