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Field name
Site: Stresa [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 53' 2.87" N, 8° 30' 27.10" E [from first object]
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In October 1887, a new guesthouse was built by the brothers Rossi in via Mottarone in Levo, then a fraction of Chignolo Verbano, today of Stresa. The construction work revealed, at a depth of 1.2 m, an unspecified number of tombs built of stone slabs and containing ceramic vessels with bones and ashes as well as glass beads, and corroded metal objects (probably knives). Of an equally uncertain number of stelae, five bear inscriptions. Near-contemporary notices of the find are De-Vit in Ferrero 1889, Ponti 1896: 152 and Ferrero 1897: 56 f.