Poetovio western necropolis

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Site: Hajdina [from first object]
Coordinates: 46° 24' 38.47" N, 15° 50' 24.66" E [from first object]
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The settlement which became ancient Poetovio goes back to at least the Hallstatt period. The area was settled by Celtic tribes, prominently the Tauriscans since the 3rd century BC. Situated on the Roman amber road, at a place where the Drava could be crossed by a ford, Poetovio was gained importance from the amber trade and the trade with Noric steel. It became part of the Celtic kingdom of Noricum, but was assigned to the publicum portorii illyrici and later the province Pannonia under Roman rule after 16 BC. Initially a military base under Augustus, later a veteran's colony, the Roman city kept the settlement's old name. See Eichner et al. 1994: 138–140 on the Celtic presence, archaeological finds and onomastic material, and Curk 1990: 557–562 and Istenič 1999 on the western necropoleis.