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Andenmatten & Paccolat 2012 p79 fig3.jpglandscape
Andenmatten & Paccolat 2012 p91 fig19.jpglandscape
Andenmatten & Paccolat 2012 p91 fig20.jpglandscape
Arslan 2000 v54 01.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v54 02.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v54 03.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v56 01.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v58 06.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v58 07.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v59 12.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v59 15.pnglandscape
Arslan 2000 v59 16.pnglandscape
Bertolone1956-7 pl.34 fig3.jpglandscape
Bertolone1956-7 pl.38 fig1-2.jpglandscape
BE·1 Gambari & Kaenel 2001.pnglandscape
BE·1 Münsingen copy photo.pnglandscape
BE·1 Münsingen photo.pnglandscape
BE·1 photo1.pnglandscape
BE·1 photo2.pnglandscape
BE·1 photo3.pnglandscape
BE·1 Vitali & Kaenel 2000.pnglandscape
BG·11 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·14 drawing Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·14 photo Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·15 Parre drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·17 Parre drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·18 Parre photo Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·1 Bergamo drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·1 Bergamo photo Solinas.jpglandscape
BG·2.1 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·2.1 photo Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·20 photo Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·21 Verdello photo Solinas.jpglandscape
BG·23 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·23 Fornovo San Giovanni photo Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·23 photo Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·24 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·25 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·26 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·28.1 drawing Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·28.2 drawing Morandi.pnglandscape
BG·40 photo.JPGlandscape
BG·7 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
BG·8 drawing Morandi.jpglandscape
Biraghi 1849 03.pnglandscape
Biraghi 1851.pnglandscape
Brenot 1998 24 01.pnglandscape
Brenot 1998 24 02.pnglandscape