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Type: derivational
Function: adjectival
Language: Celtic
Phonemic analysis: -/īn/- and/or -/in/-
Attestation: iatuini, penini, poenino, poininos


PIE adjectival n-suffix from bases ending in -i- or -ī-. Possible sources include derivation from i-abstracts (→ -ino-, e.g. Nussbaum 1999: 400), possibly from i-stem collectives or feminina (*-ih₂-no- > -īno-), decasuative derivation from i-locatives (→ -ino-), i-stem instrumentals (*-ih₁-no- > -īno-) and ī-genitives (*-iH-no- > -īno-). Since any of these may have produced a recut and secondarily productive suffix in Celtic, the decision concerning the length of the vowel is usually difficult to make (cf. Stüber 2005: 72). For all (potential) Cisalpine Celtic attestations, /ī/ is more probable; see the word pages for details.

Corinna Salomon