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Type: derivational
Function: unknown
Language: unknown
Phonemic analysis: -/al/-
Attestation: kaialoiso, sunalei


A suffix -al- appears in personal names in northern Italy, particularly in the area of Brescia (Untermann 1959: 131–134) and also in Raetic (Untermann 1959: 152, cf. pitale) and Venetic (Untermann 1961b: 123); in Cisalpine Celtic, its attestation is likely in sunalei, but uncertain in kaialoiso. Its relation with the patronymic suffix -al- (if any) is unclear. Lejeune 1971: 52, n. 131 assumes that -al- in sunalei (read sunalai) could be patronymic -al- in a petrified patronym (cf. komoneos); this is in principle possible for especially the names from Brescia listed by Untermann.

Corinna Salomon