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Filippo Motta, "Su Alcuni Elementi dell'Iscrizione di Prestino", in: Enrico Campanile (Ed.), Problemi di Lingua e di Cultura in Campo Indoeuropeo, Pisa: Giardini 1983, 61-75.

Author/Editor: Filippo Motta
Type: epigraphic study
Language: Italian
Link to Author:
In: Campanile 1983
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The author suggests, concerning the inscription of Prestino CO·48, to summarize those facts that can be considered agreed upon, and those facts which are still to considered hypothetical:
in order to explain the underlying methodological principle, it is important that, if the inscription is accepted as Celtic, -kozis "cannot come from *ghosti (as stated in Tibiletti Bruno 1966b) , because this terminus does not belong to (known) Celtic".
Furthermore, the author compares the different interpretations of "plialeθu" given in Prosdocimi 1967, Tibiletti Bruno 1966b, and Lejeune 1971.