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Alternative Names: Urnavass, Urnafasch

Postal Code: I-28877
Province: Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
Region: Piemonte
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 45° 58' 8.07" N, 8° 24' 58.53" E
Website: http://www.comune.ornavasso.vb.it/
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Field names: In Persona, San Bernardo
Objects: VB·1 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·2 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·3 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·4 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·5 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·6 Ornavasso (bowl), VB·7 Ornavasso (cup), VB·8 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·9 Ornavasso (bowl), VB·10 Ornavasso (bowl), VB·11 Ornavasso (cup), VB·12 Ornavasso (cup), VB·13 Ornavasso (cup), VB·14 Ornavasso (bowl), VB·15 Ornavasso (plate), VB·16 Ornavasso (bottle), VB·17 Ornavasso (cup), VB·18 Ornavasso (cup), VB·31 Ornavasso (plate)
Museums: Museo del Paesaggio – Sezione archeologica "Enrico Bianchetti" (Ornavasso)


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The community Ornavasso in the Toce valley, ca. 5 km above the river's old influence into Lago Maggiore, is the site of two late La Tène/Roman necropoleis in the localities San Bernardo and In Persona north of the village centre. It lies on the route which connects Lago Maggiore via the Toce (Val d'Ossola) and Diveria and the Simplon pass with the upper Rhône valley at Gamsen.