VB·11 Ornavasso

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Classification: cup
Archaeological Type: terra sigillata, Dragendorff 31

Material: pottery
Size: height 6.9 cm, max. diam. 19.9 cm
Condition: unknown

Archaeological culture: Roman imperial period
Date: 55–90 AD

Site: Ornavasso (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piemonte, Italy)
Field name: In Persona
Archaeological context: grave 153
(Objects: VB·11 Ornavasso, VB·12 Ornavasso, VB·13 Ornavasso, VB·15 Ornavasso)
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 58' 8.40" N, 8° 24' 57.60" E [from site]
Find date: 1890–1893
Find circumstances: excavation
Finder: Enrico Bianchetti
Current location: Museo del Paesaggio (Verbania Pallanza)

Inscription: VB·11 (sabi)

Alternative sigla: Whatmough 1933 (PID): 314
Morandi 2004: 56

Sources: Morandi 2004: 557 f. no. 56


Cup type Dragendorff 31 found in the inhumation grave no. 153 of the In Persona necropolis, together with VB·12 Ornavasso, VB·13 Ornavasso, VB·15 Ornavasso. Dating according to Morandi.