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Description: Describes the broad class of objects to which the item belongs.
Type: String
Allows value: rock, stela, slab, gravel, boundary stone, cist, cup, dish, bowl, beaker, goblet, pitcher, flagon, bottle, amphora, plate, pot, vase, lid, spindle whorl, bead, bracelet, helmet, knife, aes, coin, tablet, statue, unidentifiable, unknown

Object Typology

The typology used in Lexicon Leponticum is defined by the following attributes:

Type Italian type name Definition Occurrences
pot olla, olletta jar with short short wide neck and a wider belly BG·1 Bergamo, BG·14 Bergamo, BG·16 Parre, BG·18 Parre, BG·39 Verdello, BG·43 Bergamo, BG·44 Bergamo, BG·45 Bergamo, BG·47 Bergamo, BG·49 Caravaggio (pyxis (type Lamb. 3)), BG·9 Bergamo (olla), BS·18 Remedello (olla), BS·20 Remedello (olla), BS·7 Brescia, BS·8 Brescia, MI·25 Milano, PD·2 Hajdina, TI·11 Giubiasco (olla), TI·23 Locarno (olla), TI·25 Locarno (olla), TI·48 Giubiasco (black-glazed pyxis Lamboglia 3 / Morel 7544), TI·53 Giubiasco (type Marabini X / Ricci 1/53), TI·7 Giubiasco, VR·19 Verona, VR·2 Valeggio sul Mincio (olla)
flagon bucchero jar with handle and spout GR·3 Castaneda (Schnabelkanne, Type 2A (Vorlauf)), TI·18 Giubiasco (Schnabelkanne)
pitcher olpe, boccale jar with handle, without spout BG·27 Lovere, BG·33 Verdello, MI·15 Parabiago, MI·16 Canegrate, TI·10 Giubiasco (olpe type Lombardia 4 B), VA·25 Arsago Seprio, VA·30 Gerenzano, VA·32 Golasecca, VB·19 Gravellona Toce
bottle fiasca jar (with or without handle) without spout BG·28 Ghisalba, BS·19 Remedello, CO·62 Casate (fiasca a trottola, Kreiselflasche), CO·66 Como (fiasca a trottola), NO·18 Miasino, NO·30 Dormelletto (fiasca a trottola), NO·4 Oleggio (fiasca a trottola, Kreiselflasche), PV·1 Garlasco (fiasca a trottola), TI·12 Giubiasco (fiasca a trottola), TI·13 Giubiasco (fiasca a trottola), TI·14 Giubiasco (fiasca a trottola), TI·21 Locarno (fiasca a trottola), TI·22 Locarno (fiasca a trottola), TI·24 Locarno (fiasca a trottola), TI·47 Giubiasco (fiasca a trottola), VA·1 Ardena (fiasca a trottola), VB·1 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VB·16 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VB·2 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VB·20 Gravellona Toce (fiasca a trottola), VB·3 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VB·4 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VB·5 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VB·8 Ornavasso (fiasca a trottola), VR·20 Vigasio (ointment vase)
cup coppa, coppetta small (closed-top) cup without handle and spout BG·11 Bergamo, BG·12 Bergamo, BG·21 Verdello (black-glazed ware Lamboglia 28 / Morel 2654), BG·23 Fornovo San Giovanni, BG·25 Fornovo San Giovanni (black-glazed ware Lamboglia 28), BG·26 Fornovo San Giovanni (black-glazed ware), BG·29 Verdello (terra sigillata patera Goudineau 1), BG·31 Verdello (black-glazed ware), BG·34 Verdello, BG·35 Verdello, BG·36 Verdello, BG·38 Verdello (black-glazed ware), BS·1 Coccaglio (black-glazed ware Lamb. 2 / Morel 1235), BS·11 Gottolengo (Lamboglia 28, Morel 2685), BS·13 Gottolengo (Lamboglia 31, Morel 2615), BS·16 Remedello (Lamboglia 28, Morel 2614), BS·4 Brescia (Lamboglia 16, Morel 2654), BS·6 Brescia, CO·65 Casate (Morel 2654), CO·70 Carate Urio, CO·79 Alzate Brianza, MI·2 Parabiago (black-glazed ware imit. Lamboglia 16 / Morel 2864), NO·12 Oleggio, NO·16 Oleggio, PV·5 Zerbo (mastos), SP·2 Ameglia (atelier des petites estampilles), TI·2 Giubiasco, TI·20 Giubiasco (black-glazed ware Lamboglia 28 / Morel 2654a), TI·3 Giubiasco (black-glazed ware Lamboglia 28), TI·8 Giubiasco (black-glazed ware Lamboglia 28 / Morel 2654a), VA·22 Arsago Seprio (imit. Lamboglia 28), VA·3 Sesto Calende, VA·9 Somma Lombardo, VB·11 Ornavasso (Dragendorff 31, terra sigillata), VB·12 Ornavasso (Dragendorff 23, terra sigillata), VB·13 Ornavasso (Dragendorff 31, terra sigillata), VB·17 Ornavasso (terra sigillata Dragendorff 24/25), VB·18 Ornavasso (terra sigillata type Haltern 15 b), VB·31 Ornavasso, VB·7 Ornavasso, VR·12 Santa Maria di Zevio (Lamboglia 28, Morel 2685), VR·13 Santa Maria di Zevio (Lamboglia 28, Morel 2685), VR·6 Valeggio sul Mincio, VR·8 Santa Maria di Zevio
beaker bicchiere tall cup without handle and without spout BG·5 Bergamo, CO·73 Civiglio (De Marinis D1), MI·19 Milano, MI·20 Milano, MI·26 Milano, NO·1 Castelletto sopra Ticino, TI·1 Gudo, VA·2 Cantello (black-gazed vaso a rocchetto), VA·4 Sesto Calende, VA·5 Golasecca
goblet poculo, pisside small open-top container without handle and without spout BS·23 Urago d'Oglio, CO·78 Cantù, VR·17 Isola Rizza, VR·5 Valeggio sul Mincio
bowl ciotola, patera flat open-top container without handle and without spout AO·1 Aosta (black-glazed patera imit. Lamb. 36), AO·2 Aosta (black-glazed patera imit. Lamb. 36), AO·3 Aosta (black-glazed patera imit. Lamb. 5/7 / Morel 2272), AO·4 Châtillon, BG·10 Bergamo (black-glazed patera Lamboglia 7), BG·2 Bergamo (patera), BG·20 Capriate San Gervasio, BG·22 Verdello (black-glazed patera Lamboglia 5 / Morel 2284), BG·24 Fornovo San Giovanni (black-glazed patera Lamboglia 6), BG·3 Bergamo, BG·30 Verdello (patera), BG·32 Verdello (black-glazed patera Lamboglia 5 / Morel 2284), BG·4 Bergamo (patera), BG·40 Caravaggio (black-glazed ware Lamboglia 28 / Morel 2685), BG·42 Bergamo, BG·46 Bergamo, BG·48 Bergamo, BG·6 Bergamo, BG·8 Bergamo (patera), BS·10 Gottolengo (patera, Lamboglia 5, Morel 2283), BS·12 Gottolengo (patera, Lamboglia 27, Morel 2825), BS·14 Gottolengo (patera, Lamboglia 5, Morel 2283), BS·15 Gottolengo (black-glazed patera Lamb. 5 / Morel 2283), BS·17 Remedello (Lamboglia 28, Morel 2614), BS·26 Brescia, BS·5 Brescia, BS·9 Gottolengo (patera, Lamboglia 5, Morel 2283), CO·12 Rondineto, CO·13 Rondineto (patera), CO·15 Rondineto, CO·16 Rondineto, CO·23 Rondineto (patera), CO·24 Rondineto, CO·28 Rondineto, CO·44 Rondineto, CO·5 Rondineto (patera), CO·53 Prestino, CO·54 Prestino, CO·55 Prestino, CO·57 Prestino, CO·58 Prestino, CO·59 Prestino, CO·6 Rondineto, CO·63 Casate (patera), CO·64 Casate (patera), CO·69 Ossuccio (patera), CO·72 San Fermo della Battaglia, CO·74 Brunate (patera), CO·75 Capiago Intimiano (patera), CO·76 Capiago Intimiano (patera)... further results
dish scodella flat open-top container without handle and without spout (flatter than bowl?) CO·47 Breccia, NO·15 Oleggio, NO·3 Castelletto sopra Ticino (mortarium), NO·5 Oleggio, NO·9 Oleggio, VR·21 Santa Maria di Zevio, VR·22 Santa Maria di Zevio, VR·23 Santa Maria di Zevio
plate piatto very flat and open-top container without handle and without spout BG·37 Verdello (black-glazed ware), MI·14 Parabiago, TI·4 Giubiasco (terra sigillata Dragendorff 31), TI·46 Giubiasco (imit. Lamboglia 5/55), TI·5 Giubiasco, VR·32 Verona
bead perla TI·17 Giubiasco
bracelet bracciale bracelet, not closed TI·17 Giubiasco
stela stela, cippo, lapide upright stone or slab with an inscribed or sculptured surface BI·1 Cerrione, BI·2 Cerrione, BI·3 Cerrione, BI·4 Cerrione, BI·5 Cerrione, BI·6 Cerrione, BI·7 Cerrione, BI·8 Cerrione, BS·2 Sabbio Chiese, BS·3 Voltino, GR·1 Mesocco, Li 1.1 Busca, Li 1.2 Genova, MS·1 Aulla (statue stela, type C (Ambrosi)), MS·2 Villafranca in Lunigiana (statue stela, type C (Ambrosi)), MS·3 Bagnone (statue stela, type C (Ambrosi)), MS·4 Filattiera, NO·19 Gozzano, NO·20 Cureggio, NO·27 Dormelletto, Pa 1.2 Rubiera, SP·1 Zignago (statue stela), TI·26 Vira Gambarogno, TI·27 Mezzovico-Vira, TI·28 Maroggia, TI·29 Aranno, TI·30 Aranno, TI·32 Aranno, TI·33 Bedigliora, TI·34 Capriasca, TI·35 Ponte Capriasca, TI·36 Davesco, TI·37 Viganello, TI·38 Pregassona, TI·39 Sorengo, TI·40 Stabio, TI·41 Stabio, TI·42 Stabio, TI·43 Bioggio, TI·44 Bioggio, TI·45 Bioggio, TI·54 Sonvico, VA·6 Vergiate, VB·21 Verbania, VB·22 Stresa, VB·23 Stresa, VB·24 Stresa, VB·25 Stresa, VB·26 Stresa, VB·27 Stresa... further results
slab lastra flat slab, often irregularly rectangular BS·22 Cividate Camuno, CO·21 Rondineto, CO·48 Prestino, CO·71 San Fermo della Battaglia, GR·2 Präz, MI·10 Milano, NO·21 San Bernardino di Briona, NO·28 Dormelletto, NO·29 Castelletto sopra Ticino, PG·1 Todi, TI·31 Aranno, VS·2 Liddes, Vs 1.165 Orvieto (frons sepulcri), Vs 1.87 Orvieto (frons sepulcri)
gravel ciottolone normally raw material; naturally rounded form through movement in rivers NO·22 San Bernardino di Briona, NO·25 Varallo Pombia, TV·1 Oderzo


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boundary stone
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spindle whorl
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1 0.22 % TI·17 Giubiasco
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1 0.22 % MN·1 Bagnolo San Vito
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