BE·1 Münsingen

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Classification: bead

Material: glass
Size: diam. 2.5 cm, hole diam. 1 cm, height 1.2 cm
Condition: complete
Autopsy by: Corinna Salomon
Date of autopsy: Jul 21 2021

Archaeological culture: La Tène C 2
Date: 2nd c. BC
Date derived from: typology

Site: Münsingen (Bern, Switzerland)
Field name: Rain
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 52' 9.01" N, 7° 34' 1.22" E
Find date: 1909
Current location: Historisches Museum (Bern)
Inventory no.: A/31897

Inscription: BE·1 (unknown)

Alternative sigla: none

Sources: Wiedmer-Stern 1910: 10–12



Images in Wiedmer-Stern 1910: 11 (photo), Hodson 1968: p. 94, no. 31897 (drawings), Vitali & Kaenel 2000: 121, fig. 8 (photos = Gambari & Kaenel 2001: 34, fig. 1).

The grey-green glass bead was found at the site of the Rain necropolis, but not during the excavations: a disturbed area of ground could not be excavated at the time due to gravel working; the soil was eventually examined by the owner of the gravel works, who found, separately, remains of an iron lance head, fragments of bronze objects, a bronze bracelet, and the bead (Wiedmer-Stern 1910: 10 f.). The latter can therefore not be assigned to a grave context, but is generally assumed to be associated with the necropolis (cf. Hodson 1968: 66, Zepezauer 1993: 158, no. 0308). Dating according to Zepezauer 1993: 45: the bulk of green glass beads dates to LT C 2, though specimens are still found in LT D 1 graves (cf. Vitali & Kaenel 2000: 121: late 3rd–early 2nd c. BC).

Corinna Salomon


Gambari & Kaenel 2001 Filippo Gambari, Gilbert Kaenel, "L'iscrizione celtica sulla perla da Münsingen : una nuova lettura", Archäologie Schweiz 24,4 (2001), 34–37.