VB·24 Stresa

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Classification: stela

Material: stone
Material composition: mica schist
Shape: upper part curved
Extension (h×w×d): 170 cm66.929 in <br /> × 58 cm22.835 in <br /> × 6 cm2.362 in <br />
Condition: broken, repaired

Archaeological culture: unknown
Date: first half of 1st century BC
Date derived from: palaeography

Site: Stresa (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piemonte, Italy)
Field name: Brisino, Le Piane
Archaeological context: medieval tomb
(Objects: VB·22 Stresa, VB·23 Stresa, VB·24 Stresa, VB·25 Stresa)
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 52' 21.06" N, 8° 33' 15.36" E
Find date: 1975
Current location: Museo Civico Antiquarium (Mergozzo)

Inscription: VB·24 (exobna/diuconis/f)

Alternative sigla: Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 15 a
Morandi 2004: 67

Sources: Morandi 2004: 564-565




De Giuli 1978-9 Alberto De Giuli, "Le stele funerarie di Brisino", Sibrium 14 (1978-9), 245-252.