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Field name
Site: Stresa [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 52' 5.77" N, 8° 33' 33.42" E [from first object]
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According to De Giuli 1979: 245, a grave chamber built of six stone slabs – probably mediaeval and possibly associated with the chiesa di Sant'Albino in nearby Magognino (p. 252), but without furniture or human remains – was found during a land survey in 1975 on the property of the brothers Caem in the locality Le Piane di Pramezzano in Brisino (exact location according to De Giuli 1979). Four of the slabs bear inscriptions, one entire stela is anepigraphic (De Giuli 1979: 250, photo fig. 5: height 140 cm, width 60–68 cm, thickness 8 cm), and one fragment belongs to the same stela as the inscribed fragment VB·24. De Giuli 1979: 251 mentions the possibility that the Brisino stones may come from the same site as the finds in Levo.

Corinna Salomon