TI·27 Mezzovico-Vira

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Classification: stela

Material: stone
Size: length 275 cm, width 28 cm, thickness 42 cm
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: Golasecca III A
Date: 5th–early 4th c. BC
Date derived from: typology

Site: Mezzovico-Vira (Ticino, Switzerland)
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 5' 12.21" N, 8° 55' 10.93" E
Find date: May 1984
Find circumstances: construction work
Finder: Luigi Coldesina
Current location: Casa comunale (Mezzovico-Vira)
Inventory no.: 161.1984.1


Alternative sigla: Solinas 1995: 20
Motta 2000: 3
Morandi 2004: 26

Sources: Morandi 2004: 533 f. no. 26



Images in Donati 1985: 231, fig. 31 (photo), De Marinis & Motta 1991: 203, fig. 1 (photo and drawing), Motta 2000: 198, fig. 2 (photo).

Unusually high stela of light grey granite gneiss found in alluvial sediment at a depth of ca. 3 m during the extension of the restaurant "La Palazzina", apparently together with an anepigraphic specimen which was not salvaged (Donati 1985, De Marinis & Motta 1991: 201). Originally left leaning against the wall of the guesthouse, the stela was taken to Locarno for restauration in 2000, on which occasion the second inscription was detected (see Morandi 2004: 533). The stela is the northernmost inscribed stone document from the Sottoceneri and the only one from the Valle del Vedeggio (cf. Piana Agostinetti 2004: 153). See the inscription pages for the typological/palaeographical dating.

See also Piana Agostinetti 2004: 154 f., Tibiletti Bruno 1997.

Corinna Salomon


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