VA·2 Cantello

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Classification: beaker
Archaeological Type: black-gazed vaso a rocchetto

Material: pottery
Size: unknown
Condition: lost

Archaeological culture: unknown
Date: unknown

Site: Cantello (Varese, Lombardia, Italy)
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 49' 25.21" N, 8° 54' 14.21" E
Find date: unknown
Current location: Museo Archeologico "Paolo Giovio" (Como)

Inscription: VA·2 (atep̣ạ/to)

Alternative sigla: Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 22
Solinas 1995: 118 bis
Morandi 2004: 42

Sources: Morandi 2004: 545 no. 42


Image in Tibiletti Bruno 1977b: 125 (photo).

Small vaso a rocchetto "[d]ai vecchi scavi", found in the depot of the Museo Paolo Giovio and published in Tibiletti Bruno 1977b: 124 (no. 104 g). Nobody appears to have seen the object since one Mr. Piovan, who found it despite incorrect labeling and took the photograph for Tibiletti Bruno (ibid. 133, n. 69); it is first registered as "da tempo irreperibile" in Morandi 2004. The find place Ligurno (a fraction of Cantello) is given with a question mark by Tibiletti Bruno.

See the inscription page for the palaeographical dating by Morandi.

Corinna Salomon