CO·66 Como

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Classification: bottle
Archaeological Type: fiasca a trottola

Material: pottery
Size: height 10.6 cm, max. diam. 17.2 cm
Condition: complete, damaged

Archaeological culture: La Tène D 1
Date: second half of 2nd century BC
Date derived from: typology

Site: Como (Como, Lombardia, Italy)
Field name: Pianvalle
Archaeological context: votive deposit
Coordinates (approx.): 45° 47' 56.40" N, 9° 4' 18.23" E
Find date: 1979
Find circumstances: excavation
Current location: Museo Archeologico "Paolo Giovio" (Como)
Inventory no.: St 75781

Inscription: CO·66 (kopiụ)

Alternative sigla: Morandi 2004: 197

Sources: Negroni Catacchio 1982: 327


Images in Negroni Catacchio 1979: 508, fig. 12 (drawings = Negroni Catacchio 1982: fig. 47 [drawings of the whole vessel and its underside, but not that of its upper side, mirrored in one of the publications]).

Fiasca a trottola of type B; detailed description in Negroni Catacchio 1982: 327, PV 09. Found next to the supporting wall of structure H ("Capanna del Masso") together with a beaker (ibid. PV 08), counted among the late La Tène votive deposits made within an abandoned Golaseccan settlement (see Pianvalle). Dating from Negroni Catacchio 1982: 337, 345, who dates the fiasce a trottola of type B to LT C2 at the earliest, rather early LT D. Morandi 2004: 648 (no. 197) gives the 1st century BC (LT D2) due to the "forma evoluta" of the bottle.

Corinna Salomon