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Reading in transliteration: ateratos
Reading in original script: S sO3 sT sA sR sE sT sA s

Object: TI·21 Locarno (bottle)
Position: shoulder
Direction of writing: sinistroverse
Script: North Italic script
Number of letters: 8
Number of words: 1
Number of lines: 1
Workmanship: scratched after firing
Condition: complete

Archaeological culture: La Tène D [from object]
Date of inscription: late 2nd–1st c. BC [from object]

Type: prob. mark of possessor
Language: Celtic
Syntactic analysis: NP
Meaning: "Ateratos" (name)

Alternative sigla: Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 4
Solinas 1995: 26
Motta 2000: 27
Morandi 2004: 21

Sources: Morandi 2004: 530-531 & 783 (pl. VI.21)
Motta 2000: 215
Solinas 1995: 330
Tibiletti Bruno 1981: 158-159