Tibiletti Bruno 1978

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Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno, "Ligure Leponzio e Gallico", in: Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi (ed.), Lingue e dialetti dell'Italia antica [= Popoli e civiltà dell'Italia antica 6,1], Roma: Biblioteca di Storia Patria 1978, 131–208.

Author/Editor: Maria Grazia Tibiletti Bruno
Type: linguistic study
Language: Italian
In: Prosdocimi 1978
Used for: 192 pages (show list)


Survey of the Lepontic and Gaulish materials of the area between East Piemont, Lombardy and the South of the canton of Ticino, with bibliographic information and attempts at interpretations; morphology and phonetics are analysed on the basis of the material. The author also discusses the glosses and the toponyms which are ascribed to Lepontic and Gaulish and the onomastics of the Latin inscriptions of the area. Particularly remarkable is the bibliographic excursus about Lepontic and Gaulish in footnote 3 on p. 198.