VS·1 Argnou

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Classification: unidentifiable

Material: stone
Size: max. length 6.4 cm, breadth 3.1 cm, width 0.7 cm
Extension (h): 6.4 cm2.52 in <br />
Condition: fragmentary
Autopsy by: Corinna Salomon
Date of autopsy: Sep 30 2021

Archaeological culture: unknown
Date: unknown

Site: Argnou (fraction of: Ayent, Wallis, Switzerland)
Field name: Plateau des Frisses
Archaeological context: Gallo-Roman villa
Coordinates (approx.): 46° 15' 36.24" N, 7° 23' 59.11" E
Find date: 26 February 2003
Find circumstances: excavation
Finder: Olivier Paccolat
Current location: Musée cantonal d'histoire (Sion)

Inscription: VS·1 (ritiliọ[/]iponiạ)

Alternative sigla: none

Sources: Rubat Borel & Paccolat 2008: 127 f.



Images in Rubat Borel & Paccolat 2008: 131, fig. 5 (photo) and 6 (drawing).

Found on the 26th of February 2003 below the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa (3rd–5th century AD), most likely in secondary context – evidence for an occupation of the find area in the La Tène period (4th–3rd century BC) were found to the south of the villa. See Rubat Borel & Paccolat 2008: 127 f. for details. The small, roughly rectangular plaque of local mica schist appears to be fragmentary, though Rubat Borel & Paccolat seem to assume that at least the top and left edges (as depicted in the images) are original; its function is unclear.

Corinna Salomon