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Type: derivational
Function: unknown
Language: perhaps Celtic
Phonemic analysis: unknown
Attestation: ateratos


An element -at-/-āt- appears sporadically attached to the base in Gaulish personal names, arguably e.g. giamatus (Delamarre 2007: 104), camulata, -us (ib. 54), iliatus (Meid 2005: 233), ressatus (ib. 203), uimpata (Stüber 2005: 81). Holder AcS I: 280 posits a suffix with short /a/ (though not all his examples are pertinent); Untermann 1960: 274 f., 282 f., 288, 311 f. (map 15) lists -atus among the suffixes which occur in the Milano namescape (between Adda and Sesia and in northern Piedmont), e.g. belata, uiratus, uecatus. The Celticity of this putative suffix is doubtful; if Celtic, it is marginal and probably of various origin, the most likely option being a recut to-participle in stems in /ā/ like carāta 'beloved'. Meid 2005: 279 suggests for oclatius the thematised suffix of appurtenance -ati-.

Corinna Salomon


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