Campo de Croppe

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Field name
Site: Caravaggio [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 29' 49.20" N, 9° 38' 38.40" E [from first object]
Objects found here:



Single late La Tène cist grave found in 1865 "a due miglia da Caravaggio, in un campo detto di Croppe, di proprietà del signor Bonaventura Manusardi, ragioniere in Milano" (Castelfranco 1886: 238). The name of the find site is often given as Cioppe (apparently thus in the museum's inventory, see Tizzoni 1984: 2 with n. 3); its location appears to be unknown. Cf. De Marinis in De Marinis & Motta 2007: 136, who suggests that the site may be near the Cantacucco property, which is the same distance from Caravaggio. The grave was made of tiles; see Tizzoni 1984: 2 and Frontini 1985: 65 for the preserved grave goods.

Corinna Salomon