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Giacomo Devoto, "Criteri Linguistici e Criteri Archeologici nella Definizione del Problema Gallico", CELTICA 3 (1956), 324-331.

Author/Editor: Giacomo Devoto
Type: archaeological study, linguistic study
Language: Italian
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Devoto attempts a definition of the Gaulish problem by "combining the propositions of comparative grammar with elements of archaeology" (p. 325). Out of this, he develops the concept that Gaulish is a "phase in the history of the Celtic languages": he claims that in this phase, some similarities were maintained, but there were also some totally or partially new elements introduced. Extremely significant is the idea of an "Indo-Europeisation" of the West, which is non-Celtic in the historical sense of the term, but preceding the Celts, and "different from the historical Celts but not in contradiction to their subsequent linguistic development".