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Giacomo Devoto, "Pour l'histoire de l'indo-européanisation de l'Italie septentrionale: quelques étymologies lépontiques", Revue de Philologie 88 (1962), 197–208.

Author/Editor: Giacomo Devoto
Type: linguistic study
Language: French
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Returning to Devoto 1962b, Devoto defines, on the basis of onomastics (from the Sententia Minuciorum and of the Stele of Veleia), a linguistic reality which he terms "Lepontic": he thereby expands the traditional area for this terminology in the South-West up to the valley of Polcevera, in the South-East up to today's provinces of Piacenza and Parma and, beyond the Alps, up to the zone defined by the corresponding toponyms Genava and Genua. He claims that the evidence of the Lepontic linguistic similarities of this area be compromised by the Gaulish and, later, by the Roman migration.