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Site: Golasecca [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 42' 24.73" N, 8° 39' 52.36" E [from first object]
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The Monte Galliasco, a 250 m a.s.l. peak south-west of the Monsorino terrace on the left bank of the Ticino in the north of modern Golasecca, is one of the sites of the large Golaseccan necropolis of the early Iron Age, the eponymous site of the Golasecca culture. It was used between the late 9th/early 8th century (Golasecca I A 2) and the late 6th/early 5th century BC (Golasecca II B). See De Marinis 2009c: 471, fig. 1 for a map of find spots.

Corinna Salomon


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