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Gustav Herbig, ""Keltoligurische" Inschriften aus Giubiasco", Anzeiger für schweizerische Altertumskunde / Indicateur d'Antiquités Suisses 7 (1905–1906), 187–205.

Author/Editor: Gustav Herbig
Type: epigraphic study
Language: German
Link to E-Read: http://www.archive.org/details/anzeigerfrschwe12landgoog
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The article is divided into three sections: I "Das Material": thirteen inscriptions on earthenware from Giubiasco with interpretations and drawings. II "Das Alphabet": discussion of some particular characters which either appear for the first time (Ψ), or deserve a particular interpretation (Λ=a). III "Die Sprache": agreeing with the position of Kretschmer 1905, he thinks that the genitives in -ui(< *-ōi) aren't Celtic, and he says that the inscriptions are Indo-European in accordance with the grammatical structure, and Ligurian "in accordance with their areas pf discovery"; the onomastic coincidences with Celtic, Italic and sometimes Etruscan must be historically explained through later contacts; The -u forms are nominative singular of the -n stems; The -ie forms are genitives similar to those in -ui and -ai of the -io- stems "together with the syncopated nominatives of the -is stems" (p. 204).