Lejeune 1951

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Michel Lejeune, "Notes de linguistique italique III. L'isoglosse -m/-n dans l'occidente indo-européen", Revue des Études Latines 29 (1951), 86-95.

Author/Editor: Michel Lejeune
Type: linguistic study
Language: French
Link to Author: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Lejeune_%28linguiste%29
Used for: lokan


Lejeune claims that the significance of the fact that Italic, in contrast to most of the other Western Indo-European languages, keeps the distinction between final -m/-n should be reconsidered in light of the ending in -n attested in the Italic (Venetic) area and of the ending in -m in the Celtic areas (Lepontic, Celtiberian, and, in some cases, also Gaulish).