Madonna delle Bozzole

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Field name
Site: Garlasco [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 12' 54.78" N, 8° 56' 7.07" E [from first object]
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Several early sporadic finds in the hamlet Madonna delle Bozzole north of Garlasco, including some "Gaulish" material (ceramic vessels and ashes) without recognisable grave structures, two Roman Republican coins as well as Roman graves near a farm owned by one Giovanni Cotta and further Roman finds at various other local farms, are recorded in Strada 1958 (see also Tibiletti Bruno 1964: 168 f., n. 1 for further finds from the Garlasco area). Later, apparently, an entire Roman necropolis; still looking for literature on that. Some material in Frontini 1985.

Corinna Salomon