Marinetti & Prosdocimi 1994

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Anna Marinetti, Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi, "Le Legende Monetali in Alfabeto Leponzio", in: Giovanni Gorini (ed.), Numismatica e archeologia del celtismo padano. Atti del convegno internazionale, Saint-Vincent 8 - 9 settembre 1989, Aosta: 1994, 23-48.

Author/Editor: Anna Marinetti, Aldo Luigi Prosdocimi
Type: linguistic study, numismatic study
Language: Italian
In: Gorini 1994
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Basing on the numismatic fundament of the past, some alphabetic, epigraphic and cultural themes connected to the coin legends in Lepontic alphabet are discussed in a new perspective. Remarkable are the preliminary specifications about the particular status of the coin legends, because they are equal to those related to the Lepontic alphabet used in some areas, with the possibility of an idealization as a national Gaulish alphabet.