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Field name
Site: Ardena [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 57' 1.99" N, 8° 52' 47.38" E [from first object]
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La Tène grave found in 1938 during construction work in the locality Nava in Ardena, a fraction of Brusimpiano on Monte Castelletto at 473 m a.s.l., on the southern slope of the hill on which stood the Osteria dell'Osso (property Antonio Bernasconi) (exact location cannot be determined at present). The grave was made of a rectangular cist; of the furniture, only a fiasca a trottola and a bowl are left; the dating to La Tène C2 (first half of 2nd century BC) is based on the typology of the bottle. See Bertolone 1941: 27 f. and Rapi 2009b for details and the former, p. 26–29, for further grave finds from the Ardena necropolis.

Corinna Salomon