Pansdorf grave mound

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Field name
Site: Pansdorf [from first object]
Coordinates: 53° 59' 33.91" N, 10° 42' 36.10" E [from first object]
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The Pansdorf grave mound, situated in a field east of the main road just north of Pansdorf, is a late Hallstatt Age burial site which was examined by the Lübeck forest warden and prehistorian Carl Hermann Haug in 1845. The mound, today measuring ca. 15 x 6 m and about 3 m high, was bordered with a row of stones on the inside and contained a circular area paved with fist-sized stones, under which a container of flat red sandstone slabs held the urn (Lisch 1870: 121).

Corinna Salomon