Pauli 1971

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Ludwig Pauli, Studien zur Golasecca-Kultur, Heidelberg: Kerle 1971.

Author/Editor: Ludwig Pauli
Type: archaeological study, epigraphic study, linguistic study
Language: German
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Pauli ascribes the cultural groups of Canegrate to proto-Golasecca A., with which begins a new and important period in the prehistory of the Padan plain. He claims that the new cultural group of Canegrate shows an immigration from Central Europe of people of the urnfield culture. He supports this theory not only with the archeological evidence, but also with the linguistics of the "Lepontic of Devoto", which is neither a truly Italic nor a truly Celtic language (but still nearer to Celtic). The Indo-European stratum, which came from Eastern Europe around the end of the second millennium B.C., partially influenced the Indo-Europeisation of the Ligurians in the West Padan plain.