Penisola – Cava degli Spagnoli

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Field name
Site: Capriate San Gervasio [from first object]
Coordinates: 45° 37' 0.31" N, 9° 31' 10.44" E [from first object]
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The site of the Penisola by Capriate San Gervasio is a large Golaseccan settlement (5th–first half of 4th century BC), excavated in repeated digs by the Sopraintendenza Archeologica della Lombardia. The settlement lay on the east bank of the Adda on the Penisola San Gervasio (near the Cava degli Spagnoli) within a meander by a ford, and functioned as a landing place. (Poggiani Keller 2007c: 67) See also the entry on the RAPTOR map.

Corinna Salomon