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Community: Como
Province: Como
Region: Lombardia
Country: Italy
Coordinates: 45° 48' 3.98" N, 9° 3' 23.46" E
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Objects: CO·48 Prestino (slab), CO·49 Prestino (unidentifiable), CO·50 Prestino (unidentifiable), CO·51 Prestino (unidentifiable), CO·52 Prestino (unidentifiable), CO·53 Prestino (bowl), CO·54 Prestino (bowl), CO·55 Prestino (bowl), CO·56 Prestino (unidentifiable), CO·57 Prestino (bowl), CO·58 Prestino (bowl), CO·59 Prestino (bowl), CO·60 Prestino (unidentifiable), CO·61 Prestino (unidentifiable)


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