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Karl Horst Schmidt, "Die Stellung des Keltischen in frühgeschichtlicher Zeit", Glotta 43 (1965), 151-167.

Author/Editor: Karl Horst Schmidt
Type: linguistic study
Language: German
Used for: The Cisalpine Celtic Languages


On the basis of the epigraphic and onomastic documentation, on the sources and on the major theories (particularly those of Pedersen 1925, Krahe 1954 and Walde 1917), the author addresses the question of the ancient Continental Celticity: most of the problems are connected with the scattered find spots of the material and with their blending with other linguistic strata. Indirect evidence is also considered, such as that of Venetic. The Ligurian language, even if it has in his opinion indubitably Indo-European traits, is separate from Lepontic, which is Celtic with elements which show influence from Gaulish (onomastics) and Etruscan (forms in -alos/ala).