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Cisalpine Celtic Literacy

International symposium, Maynooth University, 23th–24th June 2022

The research project Cisalpine Celtic Language and Literacy (Austrian Academy of Sciences), in collaboration with Lexicon Leponticum and Maynooth University, organised an international symposium on Cisalpine Celtic Literacy on the 23th–24th of June 2022.

The symposium brought together researchers from different disciplines and scholarly traditions to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas on the study of Cisalpine Celtic, the fragmentary remains of Celtic languages in the Alpine region and Padan plain of the Iron Age. The keynote address was delivered by Professor Joseph F. Eska (Polytechnic Institute and State University Virginia).


Thursday, 23rd of June 2022

Friday, 24th of June 2022


Corinna Salomon

David Stifter
Again on the functions of the letter san in Cisalpine Celtic


Alexander Falileyev
The Cisalpine Celtic (patronymic) suffix -al-, revisited

Patrizia Solinas
On the inscription in the Lepontic alphabet from San Bernardino di Briona





Romeo Dell’Era
Dating Cisalpine Celtic stone inscriptions from the Lugano region in an archaeological perspective

Anna Maria Fedeli, Pietro Giusteri & Francesca Roncoroni
New pre-Roman inscriptions from Milan


Francesco Rubat Borel & Andrea Arcà
In Briona Something New: analysis of the signs and archaeological contexts of the two epigraphs

Coline Ruiz-Darasse
Transalpine and Cisalpine Gaulish


Corinna Salomon
New readings and interpretations of Cisalpine Celtic inscriptions in Lexicon Leponticum

Megan Kasten
Groove Analysis Technology and its application to Cisalpine Celtic inscriptions





Joe Eska: keynote
Celtic in the Alps I. Morphosyntactic and discourse-pragmatic structures in the Carona (Bergamo) inscriptions

Bernard Mees
Ligurian and Lepontic: the inscriptions from Lunigiana and the Prestino stele


Joe Eska (cont.)
II. Epigraphy and the linguistic evaluation of the Mur d’Hannibal inscription

Tom Markey
Lepontic uvltiauipos, Roman Ulpians and other wolfine relatives (read by Bernard Mees)

Corinna Salomon
Universität Wien

David Stifter
Maynooth University